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How to Cold Call Motivated Sellers in 2021: 5 Tips For Realtors


It can be nail-biting yet one of the most effective tips for realtors. It’s probably the only marketing strategy that most realtors avoid.

Yes, we are talking about Cold Calling.

The reason why realtors avoid cold calling is that the success rate is really low (1-2%). And the process involves calling unknown homeowners, who might be or might not be interested in your offer.

While most realtors avoid cold calling for various reasons, those who use cold calling get immense benefits from it. Now the success of cold calling highly depends on how you call your prospects. And in this article, we’ll be talking about 5 tips for realtors that will help you to boost the success rate of your cold calling strategy.

How to Cold Call Motivated Sellers: 5 Tips For Realtors and Investors

Tip #01: Focus on Your Prospects And Not Yourself

If you want to make your prospect hang up in under the first 10 seconds, use this simple technique– start talking about yourself. As soon as you start talking about yourself, your prospects will lose interest in the call and hang it up as soon as they can.

So, in order to make your prospects listen to you and open up, focus on talking about them and not you. When you talk about your prospect, they start to trust you, and once you establish trust, they will open up and discuss whatever they wish to.

Tip #02: Know This– Rejection is a Part of the Process

Here’s a bitter truth about cold calling– you’ll get rejected most of the time. No matter how strategically you talk or how convincing you sound, you’ll get rejected. And you need to be prepared for that.

Remember this, the people who yell at you or hang up very soon, probably aren’t your potential customers. And if they hang up very soon, you get the chance to hop on to the next one who might be willing to take your offer.

So don’t panic if you get rejected but rather take a deep breath and dial the next number.

Tip #03: Adjust Your Script With Each Call

No one likes to get rejected and while most of the time, it’s the prospect who might not be interested in selling their property, it can also be your cold calling script that might have some issues. So with each rejection, you get a chance to go through your own script and find what changes could you make to it for increasing the chances of success.

And remember, what might seem right to you might not seem right to your prospects. So put yourself into their shoes and then write a script that could help you during your cold calls.

Tip #04: Start With a Powerful Opening Sentence

The few first seconds of the call is the most crucial part of the call. The reason being that these few seconds help the prospect to decide whether to talk to you or hang up the call.

And so it’s imperative that you start the call with a powerful opening statement. Also, make sure that your voice is soft, friendly, and engaging.

Tip #05: Pick a Good Time to Call

While what you say during the call is important, when do you call is equally important. After all, if you call your prospects while they’re working or spending time with their family, or having lunch, they might hang up or don’t even pick up the call even if they need your help.

Know this, the time that suits you for calling might not be suitable for your prospects to take the calls. So, pick a time that seems convenient for your prospects.

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