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You need a dialer that’s as fast and efficient as your business. BatchDialer gets you in contact with the people you’re trying to reach without requiring you to navigate confusing technical settings.

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Dialing modes that deliver results

Preview Dialer

With unmatched visibility into every call, our preview dialer informs your conversations and positions you for success.

Prep time before the call

View lead details before dialing

Dial one number at a time

User decides when to dial

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Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer

Built for high-volume outbound calling, our multi-line dialer is powered by a right-party contact algorithm that helps you increase productivity and connection rates.

High-volume outbound calling

Automatic dialing and call prioritization

Dial multiple numbers simultaneously

Lead details pop up when someone answers

Predictive Dialer

Tools to train your team

Running a successful calling operation isn’t just about speed and technology. It’s also about cultivating a powerful team. BatchDialer brings everything you need into one platform by providing coaching and educational tools that support a culture of continuous improvement.

Easy agent management and list assignment

Individual agent permissions

Live monitoring and coaching tools

Educational and training resources

Customizable KPI dashboards

Cultivate an all-star team
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What are the technical requirements to use BatchDialer?

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Can I dial more than 5 lines at once?

No. In order to maintain high connect rates and reduce the frequency of phone number replacement, individual agents can dial up to 3 numbers simultaneously on Basic plans and 5 numbers on Advanced plans. Activating Rapid Fire Mode (available on advanced plans) reduces agent time to near-zero by firing off another outbound call as soon as the last one ends.

What is Rapid Fire Mode?

Rapid Fire Mode reduces agent wait time by automatically firing off another outbound call as soon as the last one ends.

How does Advanced Reputation Management work?

Advanced Reputation Management, powered by CallerReputationID.com, references more than a dozen sources and carriers to update your spam score daily. Quickly view which sources have flagged numbers as spam, and see what your contacts see with physical device monitoring.

How does Auto Replacement work?

When one of your phone numbers gets flagged for spam, BatchDialer will automatically replace it with a fresh one from your pool of numbers. Don’t have clean numbers? That’s ok! We’ll purchase one from our pool so you can “set and forget” your phone number health management.

How does BatchDialer maintain clean numbers?

BatchDialer maintains a stockpile of phone numbers that are frequently cooled off to remove spam flags. It is recommended that you register your phone numbers with providers to maintain a clean reputation.

Do I provide my own lists and/or can I purchase lists through you?

BatchDialer does not provide lists. However, our sister product, BatchLeads, allows you to build and skip trace targeted lead lists. It integrates directly with BatchDialer for a seamless lead generation and marketing solution.

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