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NOTE: You can only perform one phone number reputation audit every 24 hours, limit 3 phone numbers at a time.

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How do spam flags negatively impact your business?

Legitimate businesses are being plagued by false negative labeling, killing agent efficiency and brand reputation. Don’t leave your reputation to chance.


of legitimate calls are falsely labeled as spam.

– Caller ID reputation, 2023


of calls marked ‘Spam Likely’ or ‘Robocall’ actually connect.

– Hiya State of the Phone Call Report 2023

Why should you check your phone numbers for spam flags?

Awareness is key. After checking your numbers for flags, you’ll receive guidance on maintaining clean numbers or reversing negative labels.


Increase connection rates with BatchDialer

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BatchDialer’s always-on reputation monitoring helps you avoid negative call labeling and improve your connection rates. Our device monitoring allows you to see what the customer sees when you call and flags you when it’s time to replace or re-register your numbers with carriers.


Can I check the reputation of multiple phone numbers?

Yes! Just hit the + button to audit up to 15 phone numbers at a time.

When will I get my results?

You should receive an email link with your results shortly. The more phone numbers you audit, the longer the process takes.

What will my results look like?

For each phone number you submit, you’ll receive a reputation status. Green means the phone number has 0-2 spam flags, yellow indicates the number has 3-5 flags, and red means the number has 6+ flags. To avoid a negative phone reputation and maintain high connection rates, we recommend regularly monitoring your numbers and following these calling best practices.

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