Plans & Pricing

BatchDialer Basic

per agent
billed at $1,668 $1,1332/yr

Features include:

Predictive & Preview Dialer
3 Lines Per Agent
Call Recording & Routing
Real Estate Property Details
DNC & Litigator Scrub
Advanced Campaign Management
BatchLeads, Zapier & API Integrations
Agent Coaching, Whisper, Barge
Reporting and analytics
Basic Onboarding & Training

BatchDialer Advanced

per agent
billed at $3,588 $2,868/yr

Everything in Basic, plus:

60 Phone Numbers Included per agent, per month - $240 value
5 Lines Per Agent
Phone Number Reputation Management & Auto Replacement - $200 value
Live Floor Monitoring
Rapid Fire Dialing
Smart Local Presence
Customizable Dashboard Layout
Personalized Onboarding & Training

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Number of Agents/Licenses

BatchDialer Plan

Billed Monthly
Price Per Month:


*Free Local Phone Numbers Included (per Agent per Month) 060

Maximum number of lines a single agent can dial simultaneously.

Price per local and toll-free phone number. For advanced users, this price reflects any numbers purchased above and beyond what's included.

Predictive and Preview Dialer

From basic characteristics like property type and layout to important details like equity and distress indicators, BatchDialer is the only platform that gives you in-app property data so your agents can have quality conversations.

Flag and remove litigators and DNC numbers from your call lists to avoid costly disputes.


Avoid negative call labeling while monitoring the health of your outbound calls and connections. Powered by, this tool references more than a dozen sources and carriers to update your spam score daily.

Fully automate your reputation management. BatchDialer instantly replaces phone numbers with more than 2 carrier flags so you can keep your reputation clean while you sleep.

Monitor your agents and their activities at a glance. Visualize your call center or sales floor as a virtual map.

Reduce agent wait time by automatically firing off another outbound call as soon as the last one ends.

Improve call accept rates by automatically matching area codes to the caller’s physical location.

Dedicated onboarding and support meetings designed to assist with the configuration of BatchDialer and facilitate the effective utilization of its advanced features. Basic plans will receive group onboarding and on-demand training.


Enable your team with scripts and lead qualification sheets so they can have higher quality conversations.

Assign tasks to agents with a built-in calendar and enable custom statuses for operational organization.

Allow agents to transfer cold and warm leads to one another to avoid customer wait time.

Customize your users’ roles with detailed account permissions, roles and privileges.

Monitor all agents in real-time from one screen, with the ability to listen, whisper, or barge in on a call.

Agents can directly message one another to maximize team collaboration.


Send inbound calls to a specific agent, a voicemail recording, or an outside phone number.

Customize inbound call queues and assign to campaigns, agents and extensions. Select ring, timeout, and after hours strategies.

Reduce agent wait time with automatic answering machine detection.

Configure campaigns by lead score priority, call connect type, dialing & queue behavior and more.

Create custom lead scores based on factors like verified numbers, last call result, phone type and more. Quickly prioritize numbers in calling campaigns.

Custom call dispositions help you better manage contacts and call results.

Calls between customers and agents can be stored, retrieved and evaluated according to business needs. Recordings will be saved for the time period specified per plan.


View agent and call activity at a glance. Review and analyze data points like agent talk time, campaign performance, best time to call and more.

Fully flexible report tiles. Customize how you display your KPIs and performance monitoring data, and spot trends at a glance.

View agent status records and productivity with agent-specific reports.


Directly connect BatchDialer with your BatchLeads app. Add new leads to calling campaigns and customize which numbers you send over. Seamlessly sync call outcomes and lead status between platforms.

Connect thousands of 3rd party tools and automate workflows with Zapier and Podio integrations.


Chat support available weekdays 6am-6pm Arizona Standard Time and weekends from 7:30am-4pm Arizona Standard Tme.

Search and view knowledge base help articles, videos, and tutorials. Available 24/7.

Automated walkthrough of the BatchDialer platform and its capabilities.

What kinds of contracts do you offer?

BatchDialer offers month-to-month subscriptions, annual contracts, and annual-paid-monthly contracts. Month-to-month subscriptions can be canceled at any time. Annual subscriptions and contracts are automatically renewed unless a cancellation notice is prior to the one-year anniversary of the initial sign-up date.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept most credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. For annual and custom plans, ACH is available upon request. Contact sales for more information.

What happens when my free trial ends?

After your free trial period ends, you will be automatically billed on a monthly or annual basis, depending on your plan term and the price you selected at checkout. To request a product demo, please contact sales.

What is your refund policy?

Subscribers who choose month-to-month billing can cancel at anytime and they will not be charged for the following month. We do not offer partial refunds if you cancel before the end of your most recently paid billing cycle.

Do you offer discounts based on volume of seats/licenses?

We do offer volume-based discounts. Please contact sales for more information.

What are my available support channels and hours?

For all plans, standard customer support is available by phone, chat, and email at Technical support is available via email at

BatchDialer Phone Hours

What's the benefit of personalized onboarding and training?

Our basic plan provides group onboarding and self-serve support & education. For advanced users, we offer dedicated meetings to assist with the configuration of BatchDialer’s advanced features. In addition, we provide comprehensive training on our reputation monitoring feature, as well as other consultation services to help our customers get the most out of our dialer solution.

*Users may be assigned area codes outside of their local area due to nationwide inventory availability

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