Cement Your Reputation for Reliability

Set the standard for call center performance by putting the industry’s most advanced multi-line outbound dialer at your team’s fingertips.

Streamline call center operations​
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Maximize your calling capacity

When you run a BPO, you’re judged by your efficiency. Make it your defining characteristic by equipping your operators with the industry’s fastest outbound calling tool.

Dial up to five lines simultaneously

Choose between predictive and preview dialing modes

Slash agent wait times with rapid fire dialing

Optimize connection rates with local presence technology

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Establish legitimacy

Industry-first reputation monitoring technology allows you to run calling campaigns without worrying about the “spam likely” labels that are dashing connection rates across the industry.

Unlock operational visibility with a number health dashboard

Reduce downtime with automatic number replacement

Evaluate your existing phone numbers

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A dialer that delivers
for your business

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Cultivate an all-star team

Cultivate excellence

Develop your teams with built-in management, coaching, and training tools.

Segment and assign contact lists to individual agents

Track individual and team development with the customizable KPI dashboard

Support callers with built-in coaching tools like listen, whisper, and barge

Cultivate an all-star team

Facilitate better conversations

Well-equipped agents have more success. Give your team the tools they need to navigate challenging conversations and work more efficiently.

Customizable, on-screen scripts prepare agents for tough conversations

On-screen client details give agents confidence

Transfer live calls with the click of a button

Boost efficiency and reach more people with voicemail drop technology

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