Secure More Bids and Fewer Spam Labels

Contact more homeowners, win more business, and stop worrying about the “spam likely” labels that are limiting roofing and solar businesses.

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Fill your calendar faster than ever

BatchDialer’s rapid fire dialing mode allows you to slash agent downtime and call from multiple lines at once so you can connect with homeowners faster.

Dial up to five lines simultaneously

Choose between predictive and preview dialing modes

Optimize connection rates with smart local presence technology

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Never worry about spam labeling again

Reaching out to a lot of homeowners shouldn’t cost you your reputation. With BatchDialer, you can safely manage high call volumes with built-in phone number monitoring and auto number replacement.

Monitor number health with a real-time dashboard

Evaluate your existing phone numbers

Call uninterrupted with auto number replacement

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Equip your sales team

Your profit margins are only as strong as the sales team driving them. Empower your team with in-app coaching and training tools.

Customize scripts and assign segmented calling lists

Coach and guide conversations with in-call tools

Send instant feedback with in-app direct messaging

Assign tasks, set reminders, customize permissions

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Smash your KPIs

Drive profitability and operational efficiency by tracking your team’s performance with a variety of in-app reports and a customizable dashboard.

Build custom reports to track individual and team performance

Stay up to date with real-time metrics

Establish transparency with an intuitive reporting dashboard

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The perfect perspective

When you can see a property’s surroundings, making a winning pitch is easy. Perfect your team’s perspective by equipping them with property data, photos, and an interactive map.

In-app property details

Mortgage, MLS and property value data

Distress indicators

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