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The Ultimate Guide To Using BatchDialer In 2022


Phone-based businesses make their money on efficiency no matter their role or industry. From real estate wholesalers and other professionals making cold calls to acquire and sell to firms providing outsourced call center services, everything comes down to placing quality calls with little to no downtime while fielding incoming calls with the same care and efficiency. It would be best to have the tools that take dead time and repetitive tasks out of the equation, like dialer software.

What is BatchDialer?

BatchDialer is a feature-rich, progressive dialer for single-person operations, customer service departments, or even full-scale call centers. It is built to provide as many tools as possible in one package to suit the needs of any phone-based business. Setting up the ones you need is easy, but what is even easier is that the ones you don’t use can be kept out of your way.

How Does BatchDialer Work?

Predictive dialers dial ahead of your needs, working the list and sending people who pick up to a hold line briefly if you are busy. Set up a standard greeting, control the speed of the queue, and choose for yourself the number of lines you need to work at once. It makes clearing your current list up to five times faster depending on your average rate of disconnections and dead leads.

Dialers come in a few varieties with different levels of sophistication. Still, the critical thing to remember about them is that the more sophisticated models can generally perform all the features of the less sophisticated ones. That means a progressive dialer that uses multiple lines will still deliver pared-down performance if your list gets slow. The opposite is not valid, so make sure you choose carefully when investing in dialer software. Feature-rich investments like BatchDialer scale as you add users, which means you won’t need to plan on switching all your processes to a new system when you grow.

Key Features of BatchDialer

You have many options when choosing a dialer, and many of them are priced competitively, at least for their middle-class packages. There are huge differences at the top and bottom end, though, making your choice important. Will your economy starter package for a single user still be as cost-effective when you need mid-tier service for yourself and your associates? What about when you’re ready to scale up and make those first few associates team leaders in their own right?

BatchDialer strives to offer valuable features to every customer, regardless of the number of users licensed under the account or the pricing tier of their subscription package. These key features are available when you need them:

  • Simple campaign setup and selection to make it easy for agents to jump in and out of tasks as needed
  • Customizable rule sets for dialing and redialing your lists
  • Litigation scrubber
  • Inbound call handling capabilities
  • Call recordings
  • In-app phone access
  • Live agent monitoring
  • Simple, detailed team dashboard displays
  • Single-line or multiple-line predictive dialing as needed


With over 50 features and utilities included in BatchDialer’s platform, it’s not feasible to list them all. This sample shows how easy it is to set yourself up for success when you work your list and how easy it is to support your team the same way.

Making the Most of Your Cold Calling Leads

Real estate prospecting is one of the fastest-growing use cases for dialer software because of the investment boom over the last few years. To get the most out of your leads, you need to know how to approach a cold call, when to close, and train your team to do the same. Here are five crucial tips to help you make the most out of every call while you work your list:

  1. Spray and pray cold calling is dead in any industry, but building a lead list through opt-in channels like ads is very effective for realtors and real estate investors alike
  2. Know when to call if you are not working a full-time call center; most real estate prospects answer in the hour before noon and before five when winding down a half day’s work
  3. Overcome nervousness or reluctance by working with a proven, approachable script that appeals to real estate prospects or other leads
  4. Figure out your cash incentive to stay motivated by working out how many calls it takes to convert to an actual deal, then how much that deal makes you
  5. Set your environment up for success by working in a setting with minimal distractions and a lot of comfort elements like clear, soft lighting, and ergonomically correct furniture

Working with a proven script is a good idea, but remember that no template is perfect. While the shape of the communication may be tried and true, it still needs the details that provide your personal touch. Friendly greetings and closings should reflect your actual choice phrases and mannerisms, and of course, you need to fill in your details and find the appeals that work with the potential prospect’s motivations.

Get Set Up for Success

Supporting your team with training that emphasizes these best practices and scripts that work for your operation are vital steps to making the most of your BatchDialer experience. It starts with a hands-on approach that emphasizes cross-training and support over criticism to help them learn essential tips like the ones above. It continues when you work with BatchDialer’s onboarding support to ensure everyone in your operation understands how to get the most from the dialer.

That onboarding needs to be role-specific, too. You will need the support necessary to fully interact with agent monitoring, dashboard management, and other backend features that help your team succeed. They will need to know how to work with those systems to bring in the leads that convert, cultivating a set of healthy prospects for your follow-up work. That’s how you make the most of Batch Dialer in 2022, and it’s all about follow-through.

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