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Why are people switching from CallTools to BatchDialer?

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More control

Advanced user permissions, reputation monitoring, and a live agent dashboard help you effectively manage your team and your carrier reputation.

Property Data

More Visibility

With detailed property insights and our litigator scrub, you can get a better view of the people you want to talk to and eliminate the ones you don’t.

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More Success

Our five-star customer service team is here to help you optimize the platform for your business and help you troubleshoot when you need it.

Phone Features

Will BatchDialer make my business more efficient?

The short answer is absolutely! With quick and easy campaign setup, you and your agents can start dialing in minutes. Our predictive, multi-line dialer lets you call up to 5 numbers simultaneously, so you spend less time waiting for someone to pick up. And our DNC and litigator scrub ensures you’re on the phone with the right people.

Phone Features

Can BatchDialer help me coach my agents?

BatchDialer can help you build a powerhouse team with a suite of coaching tools. Advanced user permissions give you control over what your agents have access to. Live monitor your agents and whisper, barge, or direct message them while they’re talking. Listen to call recordings for quality assurance, and review agents’ activities with our live dashboard.


Does BatchLeads have better tools than CallTools?

Our customers certainly think so! While BatchLeads and CallTools share some similar features, our customers especially love us for:

  • High-quality phone numbers that are less likely to get flagged as spam
  • Phone number reputation monitoring so you can freeze or replace numbers before they get flagged
  • Property details and insights so you can see who you’re talking to
  • Superior customer service to maximize BatchDialer’s capabilities for your business
  • Seamless integration with BatchLeads to unify your programs
  • Time zone based dialing for better connection rates

I tested out CallTools and came back to BatchDialer almost instantly because of how easy it is to use. Connect rates and phone number quality are fantastic!

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Mobile App

I don’t want to lose my SMS capabilities…

We have an app for that! BatchDialer integrates seamlessly with BatchLeads to bring you effortless lead generation and fully-compliant SMS campaigns.

Mobile App
SMS Marketing

But I love the user interface…

We get it. Learning something new can be a challenge. Even though most customers find our interface easy to use, our five-star customer service and support teams are available to help you every step of the way.

Side-by-side match up

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Predictive Dialer
Preview Dialer
Live Agent Monitoring
Native Integrations Library
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Advanced Phone Reputation Monitoring
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Contact Property Details
Litigator Scrub

CallTools Reviews

Both CallTools Reviews and BatchDialer uses Trustpilot for reviews. See the latest reviews of CallTools at Trustpilot.

CallTools has only 5 star reviews. This is usually a sign that reviews are being edited or blocked from the customers view.

BatchDialer focuses on transparency, which is why, even old reviews are available to all customers. We want to ensure that all issues are recorded and that our team works diligently to address the issues so that new reviews can reflect those changes.

CallTools Pricing

CallTools hides most of their pricing until you contact them.

Most CallTools pricing quotes come out starting at $99 per month.

BatchDialer starts free for  7 days.

We also provide a detailed pricing page that gives you a full breakdown of pricing based on the number of agent(s) required.

See the pricing page for more details.

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