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5 Main Reasons Clients Get Put Off While Buying Property


You have done your driving and researching around. Assembled your lists, and streamlined a process for getting clients but are still not able to convince them into buying property.

What’s it then that is stopping clients from sealing the deal with you?

Let’s talk!

There could be many reasons hindering your path, let’s look at them one by one.

Reason 1

Professionalism comes first

Most investors like wholesalers or brokers who are neither too curt nor too friendly. There’s a fine line that you need to watch out for. Understand the personality type and then act.

Be cautious of stepping on the line. Some clients are a tough nut to crack and so be on your guard when dealing with them. Win them over with professionalism.

Communicate with clarity and apprise them of all aspects. Give information about what they need in the best possible way and be available.

Tip: Show your skills and be punctual. That’s a mark of professionalism

Reason 2

Talk numbers and facts

Remember not many can dabble with numbers and facts. So, when showing around clients the property, don’t hesitate to show your experience and knowledge that you possess.

Again, assess the personality type when dealing. If you see that your client is someone who swears by facts, then back your reasons with facts. Your knowledge of the property market and your experience will definitely hit a chord with clients.

However, take note that you cannot get away with just empty claims and tall promises. Do your homework and be sure the facts you give are correct.

If the client gets to know you have lied you will not just be losing one client, but a reputation that you took so much time to build. You definitely don’t want that!

Tip: Talk of all aspects of the property and the market. This speaks volumes of your knowledge.

What’s the next thing that a client expects of you? He wants you to listen to him.

Reason 3

Listening is important

Now that’s advice that would take you places. Everyone likes to talk but not many like to listen. As a wholesaler in the real estate business, however, it would be a plus for you if you could hone your listening skills.

Don’t rush with clients. Take your time and sit down with them to hear them out. Their concerns and needs. This could mean a delay, but mind you, this is the best way to gain confidence.

Try giving them what they expect to get. When a client reads your keenness to understand his expectations, he would definitely draw closer to you.

And that means you are inching closer to your deal.

Tip: Try to read the client’s mind and offer him what he wants.

Reason 4

Who doesn’t like an option?

Everyone does! Choice or an option is something everyone likes. So if at the outset itself you see a client put off by the property you show him, don’t push him.

Hearing about the same pitch over and over may make the client wary of you.

Give him an alternative instead. This would portray you as not just an experienced professional, but would also give you a name in the market. Such concessions will go a long way in making you a client wooer.

Tip: Be observant of the client’s mood. Avoid being pushy.

Reason 5

Diplomacy in monetary discussion helps

Approach the client who is buying the property with diplomacy when you start talking of money. Since money is what it all revolves around.

Isn’t it? So it is absolutely imperative that you discuss the monetary aspects with patience. Discuss with him the availability of the funds and understand how he plans to go about the deal.

The client should at no point feel that you are just focused on cutting straight into the deal. A little bit of empathy helps with certain clients. They don’t like people who are too eager.

Tip: Make them feel that you also care for their benefits.

Make no mistake, build a rapport with the client, listen to him and seek feedback and be available. Tough clients do not like no-shows and delays. Be a professional and be mindful of these tips so that you don’t put off the client. Read the client’s mind that helps!

Going the extra mile to help out a client may please him.

Finally, cutting a deal is like the last lap of the race where even a small mistake could cost you your deal. Switch gears depending on the situation and don’t give up till you reach the finishing line!


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