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BatchDialer Vs. RedX: Key Differences & Features


Adding a dialer to your operation is a great way to streamline call centers of any size. Even owner-operators stand to benefit from reduced labor time when making outbound calls. Today’s top services provide software-based services that integrate with many top call center management suites, so you do not have to change your entire way of operating to add dialer services. Before deciding on the right choice for your business, it’s a good idea to compare and contrast the offerings from some of the most prominent players in the field.

BatchDialer Story/Mission

BatchDialer is a cloud-based predictive dialer platform that allows you to manage your call center from a single location. It integrates with over a half dozen other call center platforms to support your existing infrastructure by providing automatic dialing, list, and assignment management all in one. Predictive dialers work by using heuristics to identify how often calls fail to connect, then over-dialing by that amount to attempt to cleanly connect one call after another with no delays due to missed connections.

BatchDialer Features & Pricing

In addition to the predictive dialer, this service includes a variety of features designed to help you get more out of your entire call center experience:

  • Campaign management tools to optimize results according to each campaign’s primary goal
  • Single-line or multi-line options
  • Scalable pricing so you can add as many agents as you need
  • Enhanced list recycling to make it easier to follow up on missed connections
  • Inbound queues
  • Auto-Attendant features/IVR
  • Unlimited talk minutes


Single line plans start at $89 monthly for one agent, with cost savings that escalate as you add more agents to the plan. Multi-line plans start at $139 per month and provide you with up to 10 lines, allowing the predictive dialer to serve up to five times as many calls when properly configured.

What Is RedX?

This real estate prospecting service provides various tools to support its primary platform, which connects agents to motivated sellers in developing neighborhoods. This helps investors in just about any niche, from wholesaling specialists to prospectors and home flippers. One of its most popular offerings is the dialer service, which has three service tiers, each with varying levels of support and additional services.

RedX Features & Cost

Both the features and costs change drastically from one dialer program to the next. Individually, each has its benefits and trade-offs.

  • Preview dialer plans give you 1500 minutes of talk time, usage logs, phone and VOIP support, time zone protection, and the ability to control when the next call comes your way for $59.99 a month
  • Single line power dialer plans provide all the features of the preview plan plus progressive dialing, unlimited talk time, and voice mail uploads for $99.99 a month
  • Multi-line plans capable of using predictive dialing to over-dial have a monthly cost of $149.99 for a single agent and give you the option to upload callback messages.


Overall, this service provides a lot at each tier of operation. The additional features add value to higher-tier plans, which is attractive if your business benefits from those specific add-ons. It is not clear how multi-agent pricing works on this platform.

Key Takeaways

There are a few quick conclusions to draw from this comparison:

  • Small calling operations with limited talk time needs will see their lowest cost option from RedX, a useful service without a lot of frills or automation features
  • When comparing plans with unlimited talk time, Batch Dialer offers cost savings for both single-line and multi-line options
  • Only Batch Dialer offers transparent price scaling for additional agents
  • Companies seeking more automation tools and self-adjusting features will find that Batch Dialer offers considerably more in that area than RedX

In the end, only you know what is right for your business. Consider what you’re shopping for today and what you might need to add in the future. Then, ask yourself which option gives you all the tools you will need for your call center today and which will make it easier to grow without disrupting your existing processes. The choice should be clear because the differences between each company’s offerings are easy to spot.


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