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Mastering The Juggling Act Of Real Estate Business: Things To Keep In Mind


The real estate business is one act of jugglery. Would you believe that? For those in the business and having to deal with it every day, I am sure you would agree with this thought.

From preparing marketing plans to having lunch with a lender, meeting a seller or a buyer, conducting site visits, reviewing contracts, and catching up on emails and texts, you name it and there are a whole lot of things that a real estate business person needs to give attention to around the same time.

But then clearly thought out solutions, staying focused, and taking the help of cutting-edge software and apps, a lot can be managed without falling flat on your face.

Want to Learn How? Go On!

The world record for most bounce balls juggled is 11 for two complete cycles. Now that is a known fact, but imagine taking 60 or even 65 and juggling them! The rules, only the prop can change in the air and each object is controlled by a different person.

Now picture yourself in the juggler’s place. You’re responsible for making sure all objects are in the air and in a way that is manageable. No matter how much you try to squeeze in you cannot go beyond the 7-8 hours in a day, because after that you will start feeling worn out.

So How Can a Real Estate Business Professional Squeeze All His Tasks Without Feeling Too Squeezed?

We’ll tell you how!

1. Organize and identify your tasks:

Staying organized, that’s a golden tenet, if followed, has never gone wasted.

It is also equally important to prioritize. Write your tasks down and decide which ones need attention first. Keep a time tracker to find out things that take up most of your time.

If you follow this ritual for a week, you bet you will be able to identify clearly where you’ve wasted time and eliminate the unproductive activities.

2. Use the power of technology:

Technology is for our good and so learn to use it effectively. If it does boost productivity and helps in seamless organization and conduct of activities, then well, why not use it to your advantage.

Try using a Google-to-do-list or apps like BatchLeads that can streamline things for you and even generate leads.

Automate repetitive tasks such as outreach, appointment scheduling, email campaigns, etc.

You can also screen your calls with apps like Google Voice, etc, to help save time.

3. Set yourself a timeframe:

Measure your time and manage your task better. In the real estate business, this rule is indeed a golden one.

Measure the time taken for each task. So say for example if you’ve noticed that it takes around 20 minutes to scan the social media to scour for leads, then allocate that much time for it daily.

If you find yourself taking more time, then track the activities, too, and see if you are spending time on other unproductive activities. Flag such activities so that you can manage your time better.

4. Delegate tasks:

Now that we’ve discussed the myriad tasks, you may have understood that it is almost impossible to do everything on your own. So, the best way is to delegate those tasks that either require more expertise or don’t require that much expertise.

For example, if you think you are finding it difficult to manage the accounts then it is always best to hire the services of a professional who would do things for you effectively.

You could also hire someone such as a social media manager to comb sites for advertising or leads every day. This could leave you more time to spend on more important and complex tasks that require more of your attention.

To summarize, a real estate business is one domain that requires you to clock a lot of hours every single day. It is tough, to begin with, and requires a lot of focus and due diligence.

Follow these simple steps and see how you can set a record for your business and scale it to reach great heights of success.

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