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How to Find And Buy Foreclosure Properties For Sale


While finding foreclosure properties for sale is easy in depressed markets, finding them in strong real estate markets is also possible. However, the number of houses located in depressed markets will always be more.

But first, do you know what a foreclosure is?

Let’s explore!

What is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is a legal process in which the lender tries to recover the dues of a defaulted mortgage loan by selling off the property in question. The process concludes in a public auction, and anyone from the public can buy the property.

Why Should You Buy Foreclosed Homes?

Here are two main reasons why people consider buying foreclosure properties:

They Are Cheaper: The most significant selling point of foreclosure properties is that they cost lesser than other similar properties.

Opportunity for Flippers: Such houses can be an excellent opportunity for flippers. They can buy such houses at a price lower than average market prices, repair the houses, and sell them at the actual market price.


How to Find Foreclosed Properties for Sale?

Now that you know what foreclosed properties are and how they are a good investment opportunity, you might think about finding such properties. These properties aren’t the usual properties, so you need to know how to find such properties. Below are the primary ways that you can use to find and buy foreclosed properties.

Contact Real Estate Agents

While some foreclosed properties can become a nightmare for the buyers, some can be a great investment opportunity. However, as a newbie, you might need to hire a real estate agent to help you buy and guide you through the process. You may also ask your buyer’s agent to search for lenders’ properties, also known as REOs own.

Real Estate Signs

Another good way of finding foreclosed properties for sale is by driving around the neighborhood. This way, you might find a few properties with signs like bank-owned or bank repo.

Whenever you come across such signs, check out the name and number of the agent mentioned in the sign and call them to enquire about the property.

Bank Websites

Most banks use their website to showcase the properties under them, but some of the banks might refrain from selling them to individuals. Banks’ most common way of selling foreclosed properties is bundling them up and then selling that bundle at a discount price to real estate investors.

Government Agencies

Some government agencies will need you to have a broker’s license to make an offer to buy properties from them. However, some agencies don’t require a license and let anyone make an offer.

HUD: This website showcases a list of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s foreclosure homes.

The Federal National Mortgage Association: Use this website to find foreclosed homes.

Department of the Treasury: The website provides information about the homes that have been seized by the Internal Revenue Service.

Private Services

Other than the govt. agencies, there are a few private sources as well where you can find foreclosure properties for sale

The sources include:

Asset Management Companies

Some lenders prefer to hire asset management companies for managing foreclosures on the lender’s behalf.

Auction Houses

Auctions houses manage foreclosures for auction in bulk. There are several auction houses in the U.S. You can quickly contact such houses and see if there’s any profitable deal.

To Conclude

So these were the most popular ways of finding foreclosure properties for sale. Use these ways and grab some great deals for your real estate business.

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