How A Predictive Dialer Can Benefit Your Call Center?

How A Predictive Dialer Can Benefit Your Call Center?

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Most companies depend on an effective call center to boost sales. But it is important to rely on a call center that uses the right technology for calling purposes and so, the result is low efficiency and slow sales.

Well, this is because most call centers settle for the age-old manual dialing machines where agents punch in the numbers to call clients. The result is known to most of us: most calls, either, land in answering machines, are engaged, or go unanswered.


  • Low productivity
  • Low efficiency
  • Less sales
  • Less revenue

Now, if I told you there is a new-gen technology that has revolutionized and eliminated all the cons of the manual dialing machine and made things seamlessly easier for call center agents, would you believe me?

Well, you have to because this technology has been there in the market for some time. Called a Predictive Dialer, this outbound call processing and managing system is perfect for call centers looking to increase their productive time and manage things in a better and organized manner.

Read on to find out how this predictive dialer works?

Predictive Dialer utilizes computer algorithms to make calls to telephone numbers already fed to its database and assigns live calls to agents available at the time. The process is a continuous one and agents do not have to wait for a call to be dialed because the system starts dialing a number just minutes before an agent finishes his/her call. So there’s no downtime here and agents end up talking to quality leads.

Isn’t that a smart technology? But how does a Predictive Dialer work?

Like the name suggests a predictive dialer predicts how long an agent will be on a call and when exactly it should make the call. It also analyzes how many calls to be made based on the call drop ratio, the nature of the campaign, and the available agents.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should adopt a Predictive Dialer for your call center

1.Assigns Calls Intelligently

A Predictive Dialer is dynamic and intelligently assigns the call based on agent availability at that given point in time. All the agents are considered equally competent and are hence required to handle all types of calls. This makes the process very efficient.

2.Great Database Management

There’s a reason why this system is intelligent. It knows how to organize and manage client databases. Predictive Dialer can rework the call structure based on the past calling records. It maintains a separate list of all numbers that were either busy or went unanswered. So there’s no fear of misplacing numbers and you know who not to call again and waste time.

3.Boosts agent efficiency

While a predictive dialer gives every agent a challenging work environment, it also gives managers and supervisors in call centers the space to monitor. They can pull out records at any time and assess the performance to optimize the resources for better efficiency


Last but not the least, this is one factor that adds the most value to this technology, like literally. This automated technology can easily boost the efficiency of your call center and help you save money on different counts.

To conclude, integrating a predictive dialer into your call center system will be a big business leap. Increase customer retention, get more sales conversions, and see an instant spark in productivity as agents can spend 40-50 minutes per hour handling calls, an increase of almost 300%-350%.

The benefits are too many to ignore. Get this dialing software and see your business scale new heights.

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