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How To Increase Call Center Productivity


Once you have your call center built and established, your next task is to fine-tune systems and processes to increase the productivity. After all, time is money, and the faster calls are completed, the more your bottom line will grow. Some of the easiest and most common changes to increase productivity are listed here to guide you to become as productive and profitable as possible.


Eliminating manual tasks increase speed and accuracy. Human error can never be eliminated entirely. But it can be significantly decreased by using automation for tasks like dialing, routing calls, and updating CRM data.

Avoid Downtime

A hosted PBX will provide a means to have someone available to take calls 24/7. Not only will this increase productivity, but it will also increase the customer satisfaction level immensely. Having access to your company all the time is going to improve customers’ opinions of your business significantly.

Quality Control

Real-time metrics are the best way to make sure that your staff is performing at a high level constantly. As soon as there is a drop in metrics, management can look for the cause of the decline and correct it.

Customer Feedback

While some customers are never satisfied, the majority of your customers provide quality feedback about their experience with your business. And their experience and point of view can be very valuable as you evaluate your business. You need to understand how the customer perceives your agents and their work to ensure that you are meeting your goals for the highest possible level of customer service.

Complete Customer Information

The more information that you provide to your agents, the better the outcome of all customer contact events. Resolving issues or answering questions is made much less complicated when agents have previous orders and call history for the customer. Unfortunately, many consumers have very high expectations for call center agents. They expect them to have access to their past history. Without that information, many agents are at a disadvantage and will not meet the customers’ expectations.

Skill Sets

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your agents is critical to the success of your call center. While some agents are born to sell, others might be best suited to work with customer issues or tech support. Invest the time in learning what each agent does best so that you can make the most of your most valuable resource, your agent’s skill sets.

Regular Training

All agents need to complete a full training program at hire. But training should not stop there. Continued training, education, and practice should be a part of your regular schedule. Investing time in your agents will increase their ability and their confidence level. And it will also build a team mentality that can be difficult to create in a competitive call center environment. You will find that the small amount of time lost to training sessions will quickly be recovered in the form of increased productivity.

Apply these tips and concepts to your call center to increase customer satisfaction, productivity, and bottom line.

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