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5 Reasons Clients Don’t Buy


The best sales agents are the ones who know their product inside and out and who can read a potential customer like a book. But in addition to being knowledgeable about how to get a client to buy, great agents also know the most popular reasons that consumers don’t buy. That gives sales agents a greater understanding of what they must overcome to earn a conversion.

Let’s face it; we are all in business to make money. And the bottom line is a very critical number in the business world. But the best companies out there also focus on their customers. Agents need to understand what consumers want and how to convince them that their product or service will meet the consumer’s needs.

Before your agent can zero in on the need or desire of a prospective customer, he or she needs to get to know that person. This means asking questions, listening thoughtfully to the answers, and using that information to begin to build a rapport or long-term relationship with the lead. Only after a certain level of trust is established can your agent ask for the person’s business and actually hope to get it. In most cases, by this time, your agent has overcome the following five roadblocks.

Explore the Top 5 Reasons Clients Don’t Buy

Stability is what all consumers want from a business. If I buy today, I want to know that you will be around tomorrow or next month to stand behind your product or service. But how do consumers know if your business is stable when they have never made a purchase? The answer is simple. How many people have tried to convert them while they were in your sales funnel? Have they established a relationship with a single agent? If so, they are likely to see the company as stable. One contact will create the feeling of a permanent process and company.

Budgets are always an issue. And if the customer is forced to reduce his or her budget, that is not the end of your relationship, unless you choose to make it the end. Working with a potential customer who is suffering from a budget issue is a perfect way to earn a customer for life. It might not land the sale that you initially hopes for, but your loyalty to the client will be appreciated. A cash crunch is not a reflection on you, but your offer to be accommodating does make you look like a hero to the client.

Focusing too much on price is never a useful sales tool. Customers are interested in the value of a good or service. You need to make the client understand all that your company can do for his or her business and then state the cost of what you are selling. Always focus on high value at a reasonable price.

A website that functions like a black hole is the best way to lose a potential client. Finding information, making a purchase, or just locating contact information are all critical functions that your website should fulfill in a simple manner. If your website looks too complicated or deceiving, then consumers will have that same opinion of your business. Make your website as user friendly as possible so that it functions as a positive tool for consumers.

No one likes surprises that cost money. And when you throw hidden fees at your customer, they feel lied to or deceived. Being upfront and honest is the only way to build a relationship that is going to last. If you say you have free shipping, then make sure it is absolutely free. Don’t try to hide the cost under another cute name like a service or handling fee. Be honest if you want to earn a consumer’s business.

Knowing what will break a deal is often as important as knowing what will close a deal. Top sales agents understand these five deal-breakers and know how to avoid them at all costs. Make sure that your agents understand how to determine what potential customers want and also what they don’t want to ensure the highest conversion rate possible.

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