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5 Inside Sales Training Tips That Pay Off


The inside sales arena has grown significantly in the past few years. With national and global sales being made much simpler due to the advances in technology, many outside sales agents have transitioned to inside sales. It is just more cost-effective to conduct most business and even sales remotely. But along with this influx in the number of inside sales agents, the process of inside sales has evolved. It is more personalized and customer-focused than it ever was in the past.

This now ultra-competitive sales process means that your agents need to be at the top of their game every minute that they are in your call center. The following tips will help you to provide your agents with everything they need to succeed in this new environment.

Help Your Agents Become More Successful with These 5 Inside Sales Training Tips


Call center managers have always known that agent training is essential. The better trained the agent, the higher the conversion rate and the more money being made for your company. But unlike the past where training was primarily focused on new employees, today’s most successful agents receive regular training. Continued education on changes in best practice standards, a new piece of technology, an updated script, or just practice role-playing with a coworker all show significant returns in the form of better KPIs.

Technology Tools

Call center management has access to a massive amount of technology that can be used to foster growth and improvement in all agent’s performance. Call recordings are one of the best ways to provide a demonstration for each agent. Seldom do we get the opportunity to hear our own sales pitch being made to a real customer. But when managers allow agents to listen to a few of their own calls, the learning potential is unlimited.

Comparing and contrasting a successful sales call with one that was a failure is an excellent way for agents to see how they react in various situations. This process is also a useful tool to help agents understand how they could have responded in a more positive or appropriate manner.

Daily KPI Monitoring

Technology has also made it very easy for call canter managers to track KPIs in real-time. Having this instant data is the best way to correct an issue before it becomes an ingrained bad habit. An agent with an occasional off day is normal. However, if several bad days begin to stack up, managers can intervene to help get the agent back on track and meet goals as quickly as possible.

Mini-Training Session

Scheduling a single training session each month might appear to be the easiest way to address continued training. But after about 15 minutes, agents retain less and less information that you are providing. Short sessions focused on just one or two items is the best way to keep your agents learning and growing without long and arduous training meetings.

Acknowledge Good Work

Sadly, most of us are faster with criticism than we are with praise. And when on the receiving end, we recall the criticism much longer. So doling out praise and complements needs to be done regularly. This is an essential step in keeping sales agents motivated, inspired, and positive. And we all know that a happy agent is a more successful agent. You can remind agents to smile while they are on the phone because we have learned that call recipients can hear the positivity in the agent’s voice. But rather than just saying smile, give your agents a reason to smile. It takes no extra effort to say that your team is doing a great job. And it will pay dividends.

Implementing these five simple tips will help your agents become more successful. And that will help to elevate the productivity and success of your entire call center.

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