Beginner’s Guide To Using An Auto Dialer As An Individual


Working on your own means having to build in your processes to reduce labor, increase efficiency, and support your success. It comes with the territory when you work alone. Whether you are a freelancer, a solo operator with a business of your own, or just a free-range professional whose duties require autonomy and a mobile workstation, it doesn’t matter.

When your work involves a lot of calls to chase sales leads, an autodialer is a must-have tool. After all, the more sales you can land in your work time, the more money you make as an independent professional.

What is an Auto Dialer?

Auto dialers are software tools that help high-volume callers work more efficiently by taking the manual labor out of your list. They can be set up to dial only when initiated, dial immediately at the end of a call, or predictively dial in an attempt to queue a caller just at the end of your average call time. Not all dialers are capable of all methods of operation, but the predictive dialers on the market today have all the functions of the others and a host of tools of their own.

There was a time when dialer technology required both hardware and software to work, but today’s dialers use VOIP and cell phone integration to provide you with seamless options that can be hosted on a cloud platform. The result is a dialer with full call center support features, allowing individuals to compete on a more even playing field with more significant operations.

How Does an Auto Dialer Work?

Modern auto dialer software is feature-rich, providing you with all the tools you need to input a list, check it against the do not call list, known litigators, and call types that are not allowed for this campaign. Luckily, those scrubbers are built-in. After that, your next steps are:

  1. Set the rules for dialing and repeat dialing frequency on calls that do not connect
  2. Build campaign parameters in the software’s campaign setup
  3. Put together your dynamic script, complete with auto-fill fields that populate from lead data
  4. Configure the dialer features to deliver calls at a comfortable speed
  5. Sign in to your campaign and get started

While the individual tasks involved with each step vary from one service to another, the basic stages of having a complete campaign with scripts are generally the same. Check out predictive dialers to see if they have all the features you need before you subscribe. Top contenders like BatchDialer have over 50 utilities, tools, and product features bundled into the service to ensure you have all the tools to compete with more extensive operations.

Benefits for an Individual To Use an Auto Dialer

It’s easy to see how all these tools and the dashboard management system could benefit large teams. What about individual operators like yourself? The truth is, if you work the software the right way, you can set yourself up for success with the same highly tuned scripts and quality control measures you’d use to support a team. For decades, individual professionals have used dialers, from sales professionals working at home between client visits to freelancers operating a single-person business.

  • Prepare and populate your scripts from lead data so you can just relax and read when the call starts
  • Eliminate the labor, time, and error rate associated with manual dialing and list tracking
  • Use predictive dialing to work through the list while you are on a call, cutting down on time wasted waiting for calls that don’t pick up
  • Move through your list up to five times more quickly by employing multi-line dialing
  • Track connections, missed numbers, dead numbers, and redials
  • Use call recording to save records for later analysis so you can continuously improve
  • Handle incoming calls in the app, so your phone experience is seamless

Everything that would save a team time and money will wind up helping you the same way, provided you take the time to learn the system and its features. That’s where your choice of service becomes very important. Many dialers have roughly competitive baseline costs, but that’s where the comparisons diverge. Check out the features you get for a subscription price, then see if any additional expenses could add up.

There is a big difference between the best value for your money and the basic service that competes against it at the same price. It would be best to look at what you’re getting beyond the dialing service to choose your best option. These support tools are not available from every service; some require outside software to support them while others work right in the dialer app.

Increase Sales with an Auto Dialer

It’s easy to see how the reduced labor and increased speed leads to a faster trip through your lead list, but you might be wondering how that converts to increased sales. It’s simple. Check out the success rate you’re used to, then figure out how long it takes you to generate and work the leads for a single sale. Now, if you could do that many leads and arrive at that sale in one-fifth the time, it’s easy to see how you’d get more sales.

It goes deeper than that, though. Using the quality assurance tools to record calls and analyze your scripts for success and failure points means continuing to improve, leading to more sales over the same number of leads. That also increases your volume of business, as does the ability to coordinate multiple campaigns so you can set separate lists according to the opt-in channel the prospect responded to. You can even configure separate lead lists for your cold calls and opt-in prospects. That makes it easy to hit your goals whether you’re working independently for someone or building a business of your own.

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