Our AI-powered predictive dialer will supercharge your lead prospecting, helping you reach more prospects and convert more deals in less time.


Increase Productivity
+ Convert More Leads

BatchDialer is the most advanced, easy-to-use dialer in the industry, making it the ultimate prospecting tool for thousands of real estate customers.

  • Easy to implement + used by thousands of virtual assistants
  • Scalable platform with purpose-built functionality
  • Competitive pricing to meet your business needs
  • World-class BatchService support
  • Complimentary training + continuing education
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Featuring seamless integration with BatchLeads and dozens of leading real estate and automation platforms, real-time reporting, and a built-in CRM, BatchDialer helps you improve operations and drive results.

Customizable Rules

Set customizable rules and limits for dialing and redialing your lists based on time of day, call outcomes and agent availability.

Detailed Contact Records

Easily see contact details including past call history, notes, call outcomes and more.

Smart Local Presence

Improve call acceptance by automatically matching area codes to the caller’s physical location.

Call Recordings

Automatically record all inbound and outbound calls for training, compliance and quality assurance.

Automated Phone Scrubbing

Automatically identify landlines, mobiles and duplicated phone numbers.

Litigator Scrub

Avoid costly lawsuits by automatically scrubbing known serial TCPA plaintiffs and litigators.


Easily create personalized voicemail greetings and listen to incoming messages from anywhere in the world.

Smart Call Routing

Transfer calls to the right person or the right number every time.

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