How To Use Auto Dialer Software For Your Small Business


Businesses that rely on high-volume calling have an incentive to make each call as efficient as possible without compromising the customer service necessary to close a deal. That’s not an easy needle to thread, and it takes a real professional to do it well. To support yourself and your staff, you need to invest in the tools that take as much of the extra work out of the equation as possible so that phone time is about the communication and not about the record-keeping or work of dialing.

Auto dialing tools have been the go-to tool for the industry for a while. Still, today’s dialer software is nothing like the old automated systems that require a significant equipment investment. They run from cloud-based platforms with powerful tools for managing teams that include everything from QA monitoring and call recording down to task management and list redial rules.

What is an Auto Dialer?

An auto dialer is a tool that takes the manual work out of dialing phone numbers when you place outgoing calls. It works from a list and presents the user with a display showing the number being called and usually the name and other customer profile information. Basic dialers queue up your next call and wait for you to decide to connect before dialing. Progressive dialers automatically start the next call when the last one ends, so your downtime between calls consists of just the actual dial and ring time.

Then there are predictive dialers, which make up the top-of-the-line products in today’s marketplace. They provide queued dialing along one or more lines, calling while you are still on a call, and placing customers on hold until you are available if necessary. Having one in the queue when you finish is excellent if the pause is short, but often it’s not even about having one in the queue; it’s about working through a high turnover rate as quickly as possible. If you only tend to have a connection one time in thirty or forty, it’s not a bad idea to have the system dial twenty-five numbers during your call, for example.

Use Auto Dialer for Lead Generation

When you work in sales for high-value goods, your marketing needs to go in two directions. Like most businesses, you need to connect to the buyers you can sell to for income. Still, unlike most businesses, you typically also need to market to sellers who can provide you with the inventory. This is true no matter what you deal in, provided it’s rare or worth a lot.

  • Art
  • Antiques
  • Orchids & other rare plants
  • Real estate
  • Automobiles
  • Collectibles
  • Musical instruments

The list could go on, but the point is plain. An auto dialer can connect opt-in marketing to work leads that come to you from a list; it can also provide outreach marketing when you have a list of owners of those goods who may be motivated to sell them. That makes it ideal for inventory acquisition and your lists of clients looking for said goods.

Just set up your opt-in campaign with ads or online marketing with the forms, SMS lists, or other points of contact that record your leads. Then work them with the system. It’s that easy.

Increase Agent Productivity

Minimizing manual dial time increases productivity by avoiding dialing errors and running the input faster. Predictive dialing often puts you right into a call when one is finished. With multi-line dialing, high turnover lists can be worked up to five times as quickly as normal. Additionally, utilities for the task and team management help you delegate to your team while supporting them. Your training gets better, and your agents get more efficient.

Improve Sales Scripts & Personalization of Calls

The best way to improve your scripts is by analyzing the parts that work and the parts that don’t and then checking to see if they change for different people. Once you get a feel for contextual forks in the script, it’s easier for agents to work with people wherever they are at. Personalization with lead profile data also helps. Auto dialer software like BatchDialer provides support for these needs with features like:

  • Call recording
  • Live agent monitoring
  • Team dashboard
  • Task delegation
  • Multiple list sets and rulesets for each list
  • Lead profile information onscreen with all the data you’ve collected
  • Dynamic scripts that automatically populate with lead profile data

It’s everything your team needs in one place, with phone access built into the app. All you need to do is sign up and then get ready for the onboarding to learn how to use every feature of your new auto dialer package.

Protect Your Operation With Built-In Compliance Tools

Auto dialers have occasionally been given the short end of the stick in media coverage about their abuse by bad-faith actors and grift operations. This sometimes leads business owners to question their use. As long as you are staying within the law about the methods of obtaining your lists and the use of cell phone numbers, they are perfectly within bounds. In fact, for many advanced asset trading operations, they’re essential. There’s no better way to work long lists of potential leads for wholesale real estate once you have identified absentee owners and abandoned or unoccupied lots you want.

BatchDialer and similar auto dialers have the tools you need to stay within bounds, too. They are built for business, and any other use is coincidental, just as it would be if someone were caught using a particular computer brand to hack. Those tools? Powerful resources like:

  • List scrubbers for numbers highly likely to litigate and those on the do not call list
  • Customizable scrubbers that can be set to identify or remove landlines, mobile numbers, and duplicates as needed
  • The same recording and monitoring tools that help with quality and training
  • Customizable rules for list call times and repeat calling

These resources make it easy to get rid of numbers that are likely to have a highly negative response while tuning your approach to avoid alienating the rest. Steer clear of repeat calling on too tight a schedule, remove numbers easily on request, and manage your lead lists with a positive approach supported right in your software to get the most from your auto dialer.

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