How to Use IVR in Real Estate

How to Use IVR in Real Estate

Calling is integral to the success of any real estate business. But skillfully making calls isn’t the only factor that matters. In fact, your phone skills won’t mean much if you don’t have an efficient way to accept and direct incoming calls. Thankfully, you don’t have to hire someone to sit by the phone all […]

How To Integrate BatchDialer With Zillow

How To Integrate Batch Dialer With Zillow

Zillow has become an essential resource for both property investors and potential buyers looking for a new neighborhood to call home, thanks to its depth and breadth of data. Its property information covers the U.S. pretty thoroughly, from the last sale price to the property tax valuation, features, and even photos. That makes it a […]

How to Find And Buy Foreclosure Properties For Sale

what you need to know

While finding foreclosure properties for sale is easy in depressed markets, finding them in strong real estate markets is also possible. However, the number of houses located in depressed markets will always be more. But first, do you know what a foreclosure is? Let’s explore! What is Foreclosure? Foreclosure is a legal process in which […]

Considering Net-Zero Energy Homes For Investing? Challenges To Consider

Considering Net-Zero Energy Homes for Investing Challenges to Consider

The concept of a net-zero energy home started piquing the curiosity of investors and builders as the issue of climate change started gaining focus worldwide and more and more people were looking to incorporate energy efficiency in their daily lives. Picture this: You live in a house where you don’t have to pay for any […]