What STIR/SHAKEN and New Cold Calling Regulations Mean for You

What STIR SHAKEN and New Cold Calling Regulations Mean for You

Believe it or not, cold calling is about a lot more than skillful sales techniques, smooth scripts, and convincing people not to hang up on you. In fact, the hang-ups, unanswered calls, and ineffective campaigns may not have anything to do with your sales skills at all. The world of business calling is changing drastically. […]

Are Anti-Robocall Apps Impacting Your Calls?

Are Anti-Robocall Apps Impacting Your Calls?

Overview As Americans become overwhelmed with the number of spam calls they get, anti-robocall applications are more popular than ever. These apps automatically block and label incoming calls that pass through the carrier’s protections but look suspicious to the application’s algorithms. Every anti-robocall app works differently. They incorporate different technologies to consider different call data […]

Understanding Auto Dialer Legalities: Is An Auto Dialer Illegal?

Understanding Auto Dialer Legalities Is An Auto Dialer Illegal

Many companies could benefit from using an auto dialer refrain because of questions about their legality. While it is true that abuse of dialer technology led to some restrictions by the government decades ago, dialers are legal as long as you follow the rules. What is an Auto Dialer? Auto dialers are tools that allow […]

How To Integrate BatchDialer With Zillow

How To Integrate Batch Dialer With Zillow

Zillow has become an essential resource for both property investors and potential buyers looking for a new neighborhood to call home, thanks to its depth and breadth of data. Its property information covers the U.S. pretty thoroughly, from the last sale price to the property tax valuation, features, and even photos. That makes it a […]